100 – 2500 ml injection moulded food packaging
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Our Products

Ultimate user-friendly sealable packaging. The ST-Series has a resealable twist lid.

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Round as standard, efficient to process.

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Distinctive design. The EC Series gives food an exclusive appearance.

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The SCE Series combines a standard round packaging line with the exclusive Elitocup design, to give food an exclusive appearance.

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Unique design! The design of this series makes it handy and easy for use in car cup holders.

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The RA Series is our standard rectangular packaging line.

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A double IML can be used to include different messages on a single drinking cup! Very suitable for the entertainment industry.

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Prize-winning packaging concept with unique microwave technology.

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Develop new packaging with our Product Engineers, entirely to suit your needs!

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Straight wall drinking cups with various designs and to order in low quantity!

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How green is your future?

More than 50% of the Biobased packaging range from Cups4you is based on renewable raw material. This renewable raw material is made from sugar cane. With this we currently replace more than 50% of the conventional, oil-based, raw materials.

The biobased packaging is functionally equivalent to the conventional packaging. The packaging is food safe and meets the requirements of migration and organoleptics. Practical all models within our existing range can be produced as biobased packaging. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

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‘It is an innovative company that creates new solutions for packaging challenges’

Cups4you develops, produces and sells thin-walled injection moulded packaging in 100ml to 2500ml sizes for the food industry. Europe is our market. The most important regions we currently operate in are the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and England. We focus predominantly on European SMEs. This means that we have many A accounts or medium-sized regional players as customers. Examples in the Netherlands include Johma Salades, Bolletje, Smilde Foods and Heiploeg International; yet we are just as happy to serve customers with smaller order volumes. The minimum order volume for packaging with an In Mould Label is 25,000 items.

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