100 – 2500 ml injection moulded food packaging

Zuivelhoeve Boer ‘n yoghurt with Licor 43 from joke to reality

After an abundance of positive and tasteful responses to a playful April fools day-joke from two years ago, the Zuivelhoeve (NL) and Licor 43 have decided to turn a joke into reality. The Boer´n yoghurt ® inspired by Licor 43® is available in supermarkets since, yes…, April fools ‘day! It is a limited edition, so don’t pass up your chance …

The traditional Dutch yoghurt from Zuivelhoeve is made from 100% meadow milk and is left alone for 18 hours, which makes it extra firm and gives it a full flavor. The well-known underlay at the bottom of each bucket of Boer’n yoghurt® in this limited edition is inspired by the unique taste of Licor 43 Original, which is characterised by vanilla and caramel notes. More information about the Zuivelhoeve and this limited edition can be found here.

These, but also other Boer ‘n yogurt flavour variants, can of course be found in a quality packaging from Cups4you. The SC 118-870ml has a super eye-catching label (IML), a break safety closure (TE) and of course a handy handle. For us it is always nice to see that our customers’ packaging stands out in the supermarket. Are you also curious about how your packaging can stand out even more? Please contact us.


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