100 – 2500 ml injection moulded food packaging

Do you like our new multifunctional 1000 ml packaging with or without handle?

At the express request of various customers, we proudly introduce our new handy lightweight One liter bucket (SC 118-1000 ml). This multifunctional packaging is also suitable for hotfill products and available with or without a handy carrying handle. This leak-proof packaging can be produced as a transparent packaging, but of course also in various colors. If you want to make your brand and product stand out on the shop shelfs, choose a decoration with an In-mould Label (available from 25,000 pieces).

The SC118-1000 is available with the standard Snap on Tamper Evident (break closure) lid and also with the new SC118 seal lid. This gives you an extra food-save security. This lightweight lid is also suitable for our entire existing SC-118 product range. Naturally, the lid can  be provided with an In Mould Label decoration label, which gives the packaging even more appearance.

The applications for food and non food products are endless. So you can use, for example, this packaging perfectly for dairy products, soups, herbs and spices, cookies, candy, hot sauces, fish or use it as a trendy popcorn bucket.

If you would like to receive a sample or more information about the possibilities of this new packaging, please contact us via sales@cup4you.com or call T +31 (0) 413 312 111

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