100 – 2500 ml injection moulded food packaging

Cups4you invests in nine new energy-efficient injection moulding machines

Due to a strong growing demand for food packaging and the rejuvenation of the machine park, Cups4you has invested in no less than nine new all-electric (energy-efficient) injection moulding machines for its production location in Oss (The Netherlands).
The investment in nine all-electric ENGEL injection moulding machines (with a clamping force varying between 380 tons and 500 tons/ 2K) is in line with Cups4you’s CSR policy, whereby it aims to reduce its energy consumption by 25% in 2025 compared to 2015.

The ENGEL group aims to meet customer’s high standards with competence and experience in all segments of plastics processing. They want to be the driving and innovative force that constantly pushes the boundaries in a dynamic and varied industry.

Due to the accumulated experience with the machines of this Austrian company, we at Cups4you are convinced that with this purchase we have invested in quality, continuity and reliability. Something that is essential in times of growing demand.

In the last quarter of 2020, the nine injection moulding machines will be put into operation at the production location in Oss.

If you are interested in how an ENGEL machine works, watch the animation here

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