100 – 2500 ml injection moulded food packaging

100% biobased food packaging for perfect recycling!

The developments in the field of Biobased plastic packaging are booming! Cups4you is very progressive when it comes to the development and production of green and sustainable packaging. Cups4you has now reached a milestone in the development of Biobased packaging! Food producing companies can switch to this green-packaging that matches their sustainable ambitions, products, brand value and the appearance in the supermarket. How green is your future…?

Recently, our 100% Biobased raw material for food packaging has been extensively tested by Interseroh (Germany) and Beta Analytic testing Laboratory (USA / UK). This has demonstrated that our Biobased raw material consists entirely of renewable matter and meets the highest requirements for optimal recycling. In this case, the biobased raw material is based on ethanol, which comes from the residual waste from sugar cane production. The recyclability is completely the same as packaging produced from fossil raw materials. Cups4you’s Biobased packaging therefore is suitable for depositing with plastic waste for total and perfect recycling.

Conclusion Beta Analytics for Cups4you Bio100 packaging
RESULT: 100 % Biogenic Carbon Content (as a fraction of total carbon)

Interpretation and application of the results is straightforward. A value of 100% Biobased or biogenic carbon would indicate that 100% of the carbon came from plants or animal by-products (biomass) living in the natural environment and a value of 0% would mean that all of the carbon was derived from petrochemicals, coal and other fossil sources. A value between 0-100% would indicate a mixture. The higher the value, the greater the proportion of naturally sourced components in the material.

Together with our customers and chain partners, we are always actively developing the most suitable packaging solution. In the case of Biobased packaging, as with Oil-based packaging, we consistently keep an eye on functionality and appearance. By providing the In Mould Label (IML) with the right message about the chosen green packaging, sustainable added value is immediately created for the consumer.

Would you also like to discover the added value of a Biobased packaging for your company …? We are happy to visit you to inform you in detail about the possibilities.
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